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Problem Panel

  The problem panel is responsible for writing and correcting the task YOU will solve during PLANCKS.

  The Organising Committee tries to collect varied and knowledgeable ensemble on your behalf.

  We will be releasing one name each Sunday until the competition.

Bruno Klajn is a postdoc at the Department of Theoretical Physics, Faculty of Science in Zagreb. His research interests include particle physics, gauge theories, anyons and synthetic magnetic fields.

Matko Milin is the tallest experimental physicist in Croatia. In his research he mainly deals with topics from nuclear physics, sometimes with a little bit of astrophysics. His scientific career led him from Ruđer Bošković Institute, through Hahn-Meitner- Institute in Berlin, to Physics Department of Faculty of Science in Zagreb, where he is a full professor from 2016.

The main topics of his research are the very deformed configurations of light atomic nuclei and nucleosynthesis.

Grgur Šimunić is a research assistant at Ruđer Boškovic Institute. He deals with anything that passes as geometry in physics and, as it turned out, acts as an interpreter between mathematicians and physicists.