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Core Team

Ana Milinović, President & Preliminaries

When she is not organising stuffs or working on promoting science, she studies physics teaching and hopes to finish her studies soon or she might have to find more projects to work on. From September 2013 to August 2017 she served on the Executive Committee of International Association of Physics Students in various positions. Her cup of tea is a blend of computational physics, biophysics and neuroscience. She loves to dance – sadly doesn’t have much time for it – but you can easily catch her dancing to something with a good beat in her chair while she works.

Antonija Senić, Logistics

I never recieved my letter from Hogwarts so I decided to go on an adventure like a hobbit. Now I’am stuck at PMF and sense disturbance int the force, but maybe one day I’ll travel with the Doctor. Until then I pet cats, and give big hugs.

Sebastian Horvat, Problems and Symposiums

David Prelogović, Problems and Symposiums

Ivana Nikolac, PR

Marko Damjanović, IT and security

He’s tall, handsome, womanizer and all contrary to the above. When you have a computer problem, he will find you a hundred more, but makes them all go away like a genie. Like every other physics student he finds refuge in movies, science fiction books and free technical support for friends. His real passion is computer science, electronics and gadgets. He is fond of everything that beeps, bloops and thinks in ones and zeroes. Makes friends quick if you are on the same IP address as he is.

Josip Bajo, Vice president & Sponsors