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Fresh News

Dear members of IAPS,

the team registration for PLANCKS  2018 in Zagreb is now closed. Selected teams will be notified soon. For teams from some countries it is still possible to qualify through preliminaries.

Countries which have already held their preliminaries: Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Spain, UK

Countries with upcoming preliminaries: Austria, Croatia, Germany, The Netherlands

You can still register to be observers until March 9th, 23:59 CET via this link

Dear members of IAPS,

the registrations for the 2018 edition of PLANCKS are now open!

After ICPS 2015, IAPS returns to Zagreb in May (11th-13th) with NC Croatia hosting the competition. Current schedule can be found here . Over the course of one weekend, the participants will enjoy two symposiums, a competition and multiple cultural happenings. It is also possible to stay for an extra day on Monday, May 14th and enjoy lab tours and more culture or just relax in great company.

If you organise a preliminary please register here – if not please register hereOrganisers of preliminaries who have not yet been in contact with Sofia or Ana please send an email to ana[dot]milinovic[at]plancks[dot]org – also the contact for any questions. The participation fee for a team is 240 EUR per team. We also have a new category of a participant: observer. This category is meant for organisers (preliminary and potential future final organisers) for knowledge exchange and improvement of the format. Observers will have a workshop in place of competition. The observer registration fee is 60 EUR per person (currently the registrations go through the preliminaries form). Any participant may register for extra day activities for additional 30 EUR per person.

The prizes will be:

1stplace  – ħ *10^37 EUR (1054.57 EUR)

2nd place  – ħ/2 *10^37 EUR (527.29 EUR)

3rd place  – ħ/4 *10^37 EUR (263.64 EUR)

Each country can send up to 2 teams, excluding last winning country (Spain) and the host country (Croatia), which can send up to 3 teams. Each country can send up to 2 observers. The country does not need to organise a preliminary to be able to send observers – this makes it perfect for countries who want to, but are unsure how to organise them. All the rules of participation can be found here .

The registrations will remain open until the end of February.