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A: The participation fee is 240€ per team (regardless of size), and 60€ per observer.

A: All meals and accomodation from Friday dinner to Sunday lunch. (For activities check schedule)

A: Extra day is 30€ per person – you get accomodation for Sunday night, dinner on Sunday,

     and breakfast + lunch on Monday. (For activities check schedule)

A:  Other than the night of May 13th, we cannot offer more extra days.

     You can any additional nights you need directly with our hostel and let them know

     (contact the reception)  you are a part of PLANCKS group – you should be able

      to get the same room.

A: Simple calculator (non-graphical and not scientific), simple watches and medical equipment.     

     If needed, a dictionary:  English to your native language.

A: Yes if done before the beginning of the competition. Please note that this may result in

     wrong shirt size, unavailability to satisfy special food requests or changes

     in accommodation requests etc. so notify the organisers as soon as possible.

     Switch from observer category  to competitor category is  not allowed.

A: Cancellation policy depends on your category. Check our terms and conditions.

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